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Rudn Enclave is a fast-growing housing community in Rawalpindi, featuring all of the essential and advanced facilities. It is expected to be one of the first gated home communities of its sort, with a total area of roughly 10,000 Kanal. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd., one of the market leaders, is developing and owning this fantastic real estate property. Not only that but all of the development work is overseen by NESPAK, Pakistan’s most trusted and reliable consulting agency.

Rudn Enclave is conquering the market with its strategic location. The mega project provides its consumers with enormous facilities and a peaceful atmosphere. Furthermore, the groundwater sources, Dam Khalsa and Jawa Dam, are close to the major areas of civilization. At this location, all of life’s fundamental necessities will be met. It offers residential, business, and apartment plots, as well as all other amenities. So in a word, Rudn Enclave has a lot to offer to its precious consumers.


The driving force behind Rudn Enclave is RMRSCO Private Limited. It is one of the best franchises in the real estate and construction field, with over ten years of expertise. They are aiming to transform technology in Islamabad and Rawalpindi by building this excellent project of Rudn Enclave.

RMRSCO private limited is an internationally recognized company with a team of highly skilled architects and specialists with extensive expertise in residential and venture expansion. Initially, the firm was engaged in development work at Rudn Enclave. Still, once the ring road layout was changed and a tremendous potential was generated due to the adjustment, the firm chose to pull out of the design process and grant the development contract to a respected developer. RMRSCO is concentrating on acquiring land and project execution at the moment.

about us


A government entity, NESPAK is the design consultant and advisor of Rudn Enclave. NESPAK is regarded as Asia largest consulting firm with many successful projects. It was created Limited Liability Company by the administration in 1973. Its establishment vision was to build a nation with capable engineering experts, attain professional engineering self-sustenance, and eradicate overseas counsellors’ needs. They currently have thousands of skilled professionals who work day and night to attain the best possible outcome on every project. Not only locally, but many European and Eastern countries internationally recognize NESPAK. Some of the NESPAK renowned projects include:

  • New Islamabad Airport
  • Lahore Metro Bus Station
  • Karma Chowk Flyover Lahore
  • Neelum Jhelum Power Project

The Vision of Rudn Enclave

A prospective real estate mega project is on track to attain a symbol of contemporary layout, stunning infrastructure, high-end amenities and a tranquil atmosphere.

Our vision is to provide people with a world-class, beautiful, and luxury living experience by leveraging the international standard experience and world-class amenities all in one place.

The Mission of Rudn Enclave

What’s a better way to serve humanity and do something for your people than providing them with a comfortable and luxurious life at a budget-friendly cost? Rudn Enclave is a safe community surrounded by natural greenery to live a sophisticated and opulent lifestyle. A quiet but modern living environment where tranquillity, nature and modernity are all coinciding, blessing you with the best life possible.

Our Mission is to become a landmark for the finest and luxurious housing scheme, where heaven touches the earth. We are on a mission to provide our residents with international standard comfort and amenities.

NOC and Permission

NOC and permission are the utmost significant factors while choosing a housing scheme to reside or invest in. Though the NOC of Rudn Enclave isn’t approved yet, it is under process. The chances are, it’s going to be approved soon by the Rawalpindi Development Authority.


Education Facilities

Rudn Enclave developers have paid the most attention to education and health care facilities. Best educations for the residents is the prime concern of developers, and for that, they have included remarkable colleges, schools and universities in the master plan. This guarantees that the fate of the kids is secure within the society.

Hospitals and Clinics

Personal and family health is the most important asset; this is why it is emphasized by authority. Rudn Enclave places a strong emphasis on providing excellent healthcare services to its residents. Both emergency services and the best physicians will be available to you 24/7.

Broad Carpeted Street

To ensure proper growth, the streets and other buildings are built with the utmost professionalism and expertise. The Major Avenue and sidewalks are large and expansive, giving the area a pleasant appearance.

Amusement Parks

Rudn Enclave is the home to all of the beautiful and appealing amenities. The developer aim is to provide people with a luxurious life within the premises. Developers are focused on constructing theme parks for residents. So, a number of experts are hired to build amusement parks for entertainment purposes.

Community Hubs

The society provides a fantastic community centre for residents to congregate at gatherings and participate in beneficial social activities for their health. It will allow the residents to meet, communicate, and form real bonds, allowing them to become a family that looks out for one another at all times.

Camera Surveillance

What’s better than a community with comfort, security and peace? Rudn Enclave is a housing scheme magnificently designed with safety provisions. The master plan includes gated walls, CCTV cameras and guards for the 24/7 safety of its valued residents.


Rudn Enclave has the facility of a proper gymnasium centre where you may stay fit and healthy. These gyms will assist the residents in keeping their life balanced. Qualified fitness professionals will also be on hand to assist you in using the latest up-to-date workout equipment and living a healthy lifestyle.


Distance from the city

Where there are hundreds of pros, we believe it is pretty easy to neglect a single con. Yet, we are here to explain how single handily this con can pan out as a pro for you. The Rudn Enclave society will have all of the fundamental living needs, including community centres. So, what can be a better way to enjoy a city life away from the city? You will have tranquillity and chaos all at once! Other than that, its location is a prime factor of how you can generate return profits swiftly.

Why Invest in Rudn Enclave

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are two ideal cities to reside in Pakistan; with countless new housing developments popping up regularly over the last two decades, Rudn Enclave distinguishes out among the swarm of residential plans due to its unique characteristics, outstanding locality, and rising market potential.

Rudn Enclave is the finest housing community near twin cities since the developers conferred with NESPAK for the lavish creation of the society, which aimed to give a sumptuous and environmentally friendly atmosphere for its residents. Rudn Enclave is located in a renowned area with convenient access to several of the Twin Cities’ key sights, routes, and monuments. Here are some of the reasons why to invest in Rudn Enclave:

Finest Amenities

Rudn Enclave seeks to provide inhabitants with leading facilities and amenities to help them live a luxurious and quiet existence. The goal is to offer a luxurious lifestyle that caters to people of various financial levels. Rudn Enclave is a fantastic spot to invest in because of its high-end facilities and low prices.

Easily Accessible

In each housing scheme, investors look for connectivity as a key feature. Rudn Enclave does not disappoint in this regard; it spans from Adyala Road to Chakri Road and is easily accessible to Rawalpindi’s and Islamabad’s major roads.


Rudn Enclave is still in the early stages of construction. Thus the prices are relatively reasonable. The most important aspect of society is that it provides a comfortable living experience at a reasonable cost. This characteristic of society is uncommon in other housing communities.

Rates may climb after the grand plan is fully built, which is why you should buy now to be a prudent investment.


NOC is now being processed, and sources indicate that clearance will be obtained soon. Society is growing on land that the appropriate agencies have officially assigned. RDA is still processing the NOC.

Walled Entrance

Rudn Enclave is a gated community with a walled entrance and the finest features. The guards protect the housing scheme entrance to ensure the safety of residents.

High-end Features

Rudn Enclave is a well designed and built housing community. It was created using contemporary spatial development ideas. Residents are provided with the best possible and sophisticated facilities by the society, including Theme parks, Amusement parks, Mosques, Gyms, Health care facilities and educational institutes. Other salient features include:

  • 24/7 electricity, power and gas
  • Safety and security
  • Budget-Friendly
  • aplenty Water resources

Rudn Enclave Reviews

We believe everybody strives for a better lifestyle in the perfect location. They are the same individuals that have great dreams and finally attain their goals. Rudn Enclave is a dream-come-true residential community now under construction in Rawalpindi. It has contemporary design as well as all of the necessities of life. With its ideal location and low cost, it is an ideal housing scheme.