Rudn Enclave Updated Payment Plans

The Rudn Enclave is setting stage for you to buy commercial and residential plots at reasonable prices. The emerging prices in real estate made it a little hard for low-income folks to invest in the property business in Pakistan. But, with investment in Rudn, you can find all the illustrious facilities at extremely low cost for which other contemporary societies are too expensive. Besides the low pricing plan of Rudn Islamabad, it provides you with the opportunity to book your plot in easy instalments.

Payment Plan

Ensuring the best housing and commercial services, the Rudn Enclave is stepping up, entitling the clients to possess exceptional plots at prominent locations at dominating and easy payment plans.

Executive Block (Residential) 

With the rapid development of housing structures in twin cities, the clients eagerly find wider housing areas. So, where housing societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi failed to hand over large residential areas to the investors, Rudn Enclave unlocks the availability of 7, 10, and 20 marla plots in Executive block with down payment of only 20%, and in 48 monthly installments. However, you should pay the 10% of the total amount at the time of possession of plot in each category an block.

Rudn Enclave Kingdom Valley Executive Block

Rudn Enclave- H Block

Now, you don’t have to worry, because with only 20% of the total amount you can book a 5 marla residential plot in H block of Rudn Enclave Housing Society. For easing the payment plan for its clients, society has divided the payments into monthly instalments.

RUDN Enclave Payment Plans 14 Marla rudn

Residential Plots-14 Marla

Rudn Enclave also offers you residential plots of 14 Marla to facilitate you with extraordinary amenities. Fourteen marla residential plots in the housing society, Rudn Enclave, are for those who want to live with their families in a picturesque and serene location. The top housing society near the Rawalpindi Ring Road is the only housing scheme in the Twin Cities that offers 14-marla residential plots. The housing scheme’s most important features are that it offers you plots at economical rates. You can read here the payment plan for the 14-marla residential plot.

RUDN Enclave Payment Plans 14 Marla rudn

2 Kanal Farmhouses

The Rudn Enclave announced the launching of 2 Kanal farmhouses at the Realtors’ Conviction on January 25, 2022. These farmhouses are part of Executive Block and home to many facilities where residents can live a happy and tranquil life in the most serene and peaceful environment at the bank of Jawa Dam. Furthermore, the 2 Kanal Dam View farmhouses are available at very affordable prices. According to the Rudn Enclave management, investing in the 2 Kanal farmhouses is the best option for real estate investors. 

Executive Block (commercial)

To accelerate the commercial activities in Rudn Enclave and boost up the earning standard of its clients, the Rudn housing society Islamabad dragging the customer to invest in 4 and 8 marla commercial plots in Executive block with down payment of 20%. Rudn Enclave Islamabad is the only housing society in Pakistan to fulfill its clients’ voyage to own commercial and residential properties.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block commercial Plots

Farm Houses in Rudn

The Rudn Enclave Farm Houses are home to those who wish to lead some precious moments of their lives in seclusion and provide you with the facilities to live in isolation far away from the noises of the city. All the farmhouses in the Rudn housing society Islamabad are available at the booking of Rs15% of the total price and 5% on confirmation.