Investment guide for overseas Pakistanis

Investment guide for overseas Pakistanis

Here you can find an easy investment guide for overseas Pakistanis as they have many choices when it comes to real estate investment.

Housing projects are in high demand, and governments are more likely to support the construction sector. It explains why they prefer to invest their hard-earned money in the Pakistani real estate sector. Overseas Pakistanis can invest in Pakistan by mailing a check/draft in any currency remunerated to the Chief Officer of the National Savings Center and a copy of the officially completed application, passport, and ID.

The Pakistani government affixes tremendous importance to the presence of overseas Pakistanis. Foster and maintain mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships between Pakistan and Pakistani abroad. Overseas Pakistanis can not only earn forex but contribute much more forward. It is essential that their role in image building, technology transfer, and investment growth. And with continued efforts, Pakistanis abroad can achieve concrete results.

Today, Pakistan has significant investment opportunities through an aggressive privatization initiative. Investing in Pakistan is entering a sustainable and rewarding stage. Following guidelines will help overseas Pakistani in investment

Determining property for investment for overseas Pakistanis

When planning to purchase property, the first question is if a housing project is safe to invest in that property. If it falls within the administration of suitable municipal authorities, it’s bound to be a safe investment opportunity. Also, check if the government authorities approve the residential strategy. If the project is still awaiting government approval, it should be enough to sound a warning among potential buyers. A lack of approval means that the authorities have canceled the housing program in most cases. Therefore, it is safest to invest only in known and approved projects.

Asking builders

Developers and builders can be confident that they are well-known in the real estate market with a track record of successful housing projects. You can invest in the various housing options they offer. In most cases, a trusted developer will provide a timeline for completing the project. They can make decisions based on how well and quickly they are working on a running program. It will help you determine if they are delivering on time.

When choosing a property, be it for buying or even to rent, the rule of thumb is to decide based on what you see and not on `what they promise to deliver.  Ask these questions: Is there electricity, gas, and water available? How robust is the basic infrastructure, e.g., roads and drainage? How do people commute? Is the security system updated? Is it a load-shedding-free zone?

Tracking records of overseas Pakistanis 

If developers and builders are common names with a proven track record of successful home development in the real estate industry, you can blindly trust them. They know large housing projects. You can invest your money in the many housing options they offer. You can make your decisions based on how well and quickly they work on an ongoing project.

It helps to estimate whether they will produce as planned.

Analyzing portfolio

As different markets move up and down, a diversified portfolio of different types of investment trusts helps stabilize the portfolio throughout the business cycle. Investing exclusively in a particular market, sector, or company can expose you to unexpected problems in a particular area. You can mitigate potential losses and maximize long-term profits by investing in different asset classes, regions, and sectors.

Legal affairs-overseas Pakistanis

Always follow legal channels in all financial transactions with business partners. Create a written agreement to discuss the rights and obligations of all shareholders/investments and business partners. This partnership agreement must be formally signed by all parties involved. Note that the general authority of an attorney has all legal authority, including the right to sell real estate without notifying the owner. Property Purchase Requirements in Pakistan:

  • Copy of your passport
  • NICOP copy
  • Six photos the size of passports
  • Copy of Pakistan’s departure stamp
  • Copy of the living foreign country’s entrance stamp
  • Make a list of your immediate family members and take passport-size photos of each.


Overseas Pakistanis can also make investments inside the actual property zone of Pakistan with ease. Previously, the authorities had made it obligatory for buyers to document tax returns before buying any land. Overseas Pakistanis do now no longer come beneath the tax net. However, after they buy belongings, they’re susceptible to paying belongings tax in Pakistan. It will even generate most remittances and reduce the country’s economic woes. All of that is a part of the present-day authorities’ plan to enhance the Pakistani economy.

Like these, many other facilities are available to overseas Pakistani. All they have to do is follow the proper guidelines to avoid scum.